As a therapist, my clinical experience and focus is on the five most important modalities for improving health and solving problems. During your visit, I will examine your current problem(s) and decide which modalities would offer the best solution. Often it is a combination of these modalities that is used to resolve a health concern.

Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine

 These are the two oldest and time tested systems of medicine known to humanity. 


  Highly effective in conditions from simple aches and pains, to a viable option for chronic, debilitating illness such as M.S, Stroke recovery, etc.

Structural Therapy 

  A highly specialized and precise form of connective tissue manipulation,

Lifestyle and Clinical Nutrition

Learn how to eat for health, eliminate your body of harmful substances, and make healthy food choices.


Therapeutic Exercise 



Create the necessary flexibility, strength and mobility to recover and remain pain free.

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